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A Glimpse Into Skillz Culture – Skillz Opts Outside for Half-Day Friday!


Skillz Culture: Half-Day Fridays

During the month of August, Skillz has been holding half-day Fridays, in which the last work day of the week ends at 12:30 p.m. sharp, so that we can enjoy the summer afternoons and get a head start on our weekends!

Last Friday, the weather was uncharacteristically warm and sunny. So, many of us at the San Francisco headquarters made our way to Mission Dolores Park for some sunshine and outdoor activities.

“I loved being out in the sun with everyone,” recalls SF-based Communications Lead Roxie Bostwick. “These half-day Fridays are really nice, because the team gets an opportunity to spend quality time with each other outside of the office.”

It truly was a quality time, with the beautiful weather, cold drinks, and delicious snacks. And thanks to the pet-friendly nature of the park, a couple of our furry, honorary Skillzians were able to join in on the party.


Skillz Culture: Half-Day Fridays

Here’s Laika, surrounded by some of her Skillzian friends!


“Besides the weather being perfect, going to Dolores was just a fun bonding experience,” says San Francisco Office Manager Riley McLens. “Even though we cut our work day short on Friday, the time we spend with each other on these afternoons really translate into our collaboration in the office, too.”

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