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Skillz Employee Spotlight: Soojee Hahn, Manager of Enterprise Sales

Manager of Enterprise Sales Soojee Hahn tells us about Skillz culture

A lifelong fan of “Starcraft,” our Manager of Enterprise Sales was destined to work in the world of eSports.

In addition to being a pretty skilled player herself, Soojee has always loved spectating eSports. She grew up in Seoul, South Korea – arguably the eSports capital of the world – when competitive online gaming was first gaining popularity and recognition. Professional gamers were like rock stars to her, and their live streams were her greatest source of entertainment.

This passion for eSports is precisely why Soojee loves her role here at Skillz. She’s currently helping build out the Developer Relations team’s Account Management department, which aims to help our top game studio partners get the most out of their Skillz integration, so that they have everything they need to create the next great eSport through our competitive multiplayer platform.

“I’m like their Skillz ambassador and their liaison in attaining internal resources,” says Soojee about her relationship with her accounts. “These are developers who are going above and beyond in their partnerships with us, and generating extremely impressive revenue by fully leveraging our technology. I make sure to build strong relationships with these accounts so they can continue succeeding and helping advance our mission of making eSports for everyone.”

It’s always a treat to see Soojee become visibly enthused when she talks about her managed accounts. She feels fortunate to work with game makers who are some of the most passionate, driven, and creative people she has ever met. Plus, through this role, she’s learned that each studio has its own set of challenges. Whether they’re looking to maximize their revenue or to simply make their games more exciting for their players, they’re turning to Skillz to provide them with a solution, and she’s happy to be the connection for them.

In addition to helping launch the Account Management team, Soojee also manages our team of Sales Development Representatives. Our SDRs are the first point of contact for our developer partners – they scout studios who have built fun, engaging games that would thrive on our platform, and build a strong pipeline of potential partners for us.

“When I first joined about a year and a half ago, there were five of us on the Sales team. Now, with my team of SDRs and other great members who have joined along the way, there are 12 people! Skillz is growing at this crazy rocketship speed, and our team is a great example of that.”

When she’s not managing accounts or leading the SDR team, Soojee likes to cook, travel, and make music – she’s famous around the office for being a skilled singer and pianist! She hopes to travel around the world, not necessarily for the sightseeing, but to meet more people from all walks of life. Soojee is also an active member of the Skillz Culture Club, which plans company-wide activities and events to help maintain our close-knit culture as we expand at an exponentially rapid pace.

Manager of Enterprise Sales Soojee Hahn tells us about Skillz culture

“I know people say this all the time, but our culture is truly what makes Skillz such a great place to work. Everyone works so hard here because that’s what it takes to pioneer an entirely new industry. But, we’re also dedicated to spending time with one another, fostering friendships rather than just professional relationships, and celebrating our achievements together. We appreciate and support each other, and I can honestly say it’s a big reason for the success of Skillz.”