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Skillz Employee Spotlight:  Riley McLens, Office Manager


Office Manager Riley McLens tells us about Skillz culture


Riley McLens spent five years in the legal field before coming to Skillz to manage our San Francisco office.

After majoring in political science and criminology at UC Irvine in southern California, Riley became a paralegal, in hopes of attending law school and becoming a lawyer. However, at the end of her tenure, Riley started to rethink her career field.

“Even after five years, I really couldn’t see myself continuing to work in law,” recalls Riley. “I started looking for jobs online and found this position for Skillz which seemed a lot more exciting to me. Plus, I had some admin experience, so it worked out pretty well.”

As Office Manager, Riley oversees the day-to-day operations of our San Francisco headquarters to keep it running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. She says you can think of her as the “Skillz Mother” – believe it or not, she has actually jokingly been called “mom” by a couple colleagues – who’s constantly asking you questions like: “What do you need? What can I get you? How can I fix that?” She just wants to make sure that everyone has everything they need to be productive and successful in their jobs.

In addition to providing administrative support, Riley has been essential in our HR policy handbook development, company event planning, compensation research, and benefits administration. She’ll soon be transitioning over to Human Resources, as she passes off some of her operational duties to new employees within the administrative department.

Riley’s favorite part of working at Skillz? She says Skillzians tend to possess the rare, unique combination of extreme focus in their work and close affinity to one another.

“Everyone here is crazy talented and smart,” describes Riley. “It’s pretty inspiring to work with people who are so goal-oriented and hardworking, but also love spending time together inside and outside of the office. This August, when we had half-day Fridays, most people still wanted to go out and enjoy the weather together when the day wrapped up early. This level of togetherness isn’t something you often see.”


Office Manager Riley McLens tells us about Skillz culture


In her free time, Riley can be found playing her favorite Skillz games, such as Spider Solitaire Cube and Diamond Strike. She also loves to read (she’s a Harry Potter fanatic!) and travel as much as she can. In fact, Riley lives by the philosophy that there’s always more out there that you can explore.

“I definitely value experiences over material goods. If you don’t get out of your comfort zone and put yourself out there, you’ll never know what you’re missing! I mean, hey, if I had never explored outside of my paralegal position and what I thought was my destined career path, I never would have found Skillz and become a part of this incredible community.”