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Skillz Employee Spotlight: Lexie Dewyea, Talent Coordinator


Skillz Talent Coordinator Lexie tells us about Skillz Culture

“Work hard in silence and let success make the noise.”

That’s Talent Coordinator Lexie Dewyea’s life philosophy, and a phrase that’s eerily representative of her work ethic here at Skillz. Fellow Skillzians describe Lexie as quiet and caring, but at the same time, fiercely driven and energetic in her work.

I asked her supervisor, Talent Manager Tom Koning, to pick one word that perfectly describes Lexie. “Reliable and sincere,” says Tom. “I know you said just one, but when it comes to Lexie, those two words really go hand in hand.”

Originally from a little town called Rocklin, California near the state capital of Sacramento, Lexie joined our talent and recruiting team shortly after graduating from Santa Clara University. At Santa Clara, Lexie was a communications major, a member of the university dance team, and – to no one’s surprise – recruiting chair and president of her sorority.

“Recruiting is something that comes really naturally to me,” says Lexie. “I love being able to find and bring in the people who I would be working with every day, and to help these potential colleagues through the application process from start to finish.”

As a Talent Coordinator, Lexie source candidates who would be a good fit for the open positions here at Skillz. Once a phone interview confirms her initial impression, she schedules them to come onsite for an in-person interview.



Since Skillz is growing extremely fast (in fact, Skillz was recently named THE single fastest-growing private company in America), we hold at least two on-site interviews a day. According to Lexie, on the busiest days, that number can jump up to seven or eight. A typical Skillz interview consists of an office tour, an initial assessment or technical test, then meetings with the hiring manager and potential team members. Imagine conducting this process eight times in a single day – that’s exactly what Lexie does every day of the week.

“The interview process can be pretty intensive, but it’s all part of making sure we only hire the absolute best talent,” explains Lexie. “So, it’s my job to make candidates feel comfortable, ensure they’re meeting everyone they’re supposed to meet, and keep things running smoothly throughout the course of the interview.”

Lexie’s favorite part of the entire process? When candidates stop to ask about her favorite part of working at Skillz.

“That’s the best moment, because candidates trust me to give them a more unpolished and candid response than, say, their potential manager. I really do give them my honest answer: the culture! Skillz is a workplace that you want to come to, rather than a place you have to come to. Everyone here is really nice and makes you feel right at home. As a recruiter, I hope I can keep this culture alive by continuing to recruit great people.”