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Skillz Employee Spotlight: Emil Hessel, Associate Product Manager

“We are in a new market and we get to define it, and that’s really cool!”

Associate Product Manager Emil Hessel tells us about Skillz Culture

Emil’s favorite part about his job is having the ability to create things that haven’t existed before. As an Associate Product Manager, he is tasked with designing new products and updating existing offerings to make sure they’re fine tuned and running smoothly. That said, being able to make a new idea into reality or bring a concept to life is no easy task – it takes creativity, organization, and a lot of hard work.

Growing up, Emil wanted to be an astronaut, so he studied aerospace engineering and computer science at the Georgia Institute of Technology. His natural tendency to seek exciting challenges, or to “work hard but lightheartedly” as he puts it, led him to a career in the eSports industry.

When he first joined Skillz in 2016, Emil’s job was to help build out Skillz Arena – our platform that allows streamers to organize, host, and broadcast their own tournaments. In his 18 months with the company thus far, he has played a key role in developing and expanding our streaming offerings. He currently oversees not only our Streamer Portal, but also our Developer Portal which allows mobile game developers to quickly and seamlessly integrate Skillz mobile eSports tournaments into their games in as little as one day.

One of his favorite Skillz memories is our full-company off-site this past August. He describes it as the perfect chance to get to know his fellow Skillzians better outside of the work environment and our normal daily routines.

Associate Product Manager Emil Hessel tells us about Skillz Culture

“People at Skillz enjoy what they do, which makes them work incredibly hard,” says Emil. “But at the end of the day, we’re still part of a gaming technology company and love to have fun!”

Cube Cube is his favorite Skillz title. This puzzle game is perfect for a creative, fast-thinking problem-solver like Emil. When he’s not working or playing his favorite games, he enjoys exploring new neighborhoods in San Francisco and seeing what’s happening throughout our bustling city.  

Associate Product Manager Emil Hessel tells us about Skillz Culture

Emil’s secret talent? Being extraordinarily good at catching food with his mouth. He claims that his best record is 40 grapes in a row! The perfect example of working hard but lightheartedly.

“You toss it, and I’ll catch it,” Emil says proudly.