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Skillz Employee Spotlight:  Chris Harrison, Senior Support Manager


Support Manager Chris Harrison talks about Skillz Culture


Ever since he was a kid, Senior Support Manager Chris Harrison knew he belonged in the gaming industry.

He was just 12 years old when he started modifying his favorite video games. He would hop into the code for the 1990’s FPS game “Doom” to create new levels, change the art to his liking, and even develop entirely different games.

Chris recognized early on that video games provided him with an arena for creativity, self-expression, and perhaps most importantly, connection.

“Playing games is a really great way to stay in touch with my friends,” says Chris. “Many of my friends are in Arizona where I used to live for awhile, so we play online games to spend time together without needing to be in the same location.”

In fact, this connective power of gaming is one of the reasons Chris is so thrilled to be working at Skillz. He loves that he gets to work at a company focused on the mission of connecting the world’s 2.6 billion mobile gamers through exciting multiplayer competitions.

With 12 years of experience in customer service and support, Chris helps run developer and player support services at Skillz. He’s here to make sure our partners and customers are getting the help that they need, whether it’s in integrating our SDK or in resolving issues that they’re facing in one of our games.

“I actually really enjoy helping people…like when someone comes to me with a problem, and either I or someone on my team can help them move along with their day. Working in support can be rough in that people rarely reach out when they’re having a great time – they’re usually frustrated or unhappy with the problem at hand. So, being able to help them and see them leave a support interaction happy is the absolute best feeling.”

Chris has been at Skillz for 3 years now, meaning he has personally witnessed the company’s immense, rapid growth. When he first started, the San Francisco office was only about 12 employees working out of a tiny basement. Today, there are almost 100 employees at our SF headquarters, and the staff keeps multiplying each week. Chris says he’s amazed by the sheer growth in and of itself, but what’s more astonishing to him is how the company maintains its culture despite the constant changes and additions.

“It’s really one of the most impressive things about Skillz,” describes Chris. “It feels like the close-knit culture and camaraderie in this company is somehow the same with 100 people as it was with just 10 people. It’s always felt like a big, extended group of friends, rather than just colleagues. Each day just feels like a bunch of friends getting together to do something.”

Accordingly, the company’s placement as the #1 fastest-growing private company on the Inc. 5000 is one of his proudest moments. As soon as the September issue of Inc. Magazine came out, Chris bought several copies, and even gifted one to his parents.

“I’m proud of our amazing culture, but we also work so incredibly hard here. So, to be validated by something like the top ranking on the Inc. 5000 is amazing. I 100% cried when they announced it!”

In his free time (when he’s not playing “World of Warcraft” or “Destiny 2” with his friends), Chris loves to read and travel. He hopes to start brewing his own beer and get back into making music, as he did as a guitarist and bassist of a punk band in Arizona.


Support Manager Chris Harrison talks about Skillz Culture

You can also find him playing his favorite Skillz-powered games, including “Solitaire Cube” and “Color Flood Challenge”. To Chris, whose life motto is “Always enjoy what you’re doing!”, the fact that playing games is an essential component of his day-to-day job is just another plus of working here at Skillz.