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Skillz CRO Speaks at FanVest

Our Chief Revenue Officer, Craig Churchill, recently attended FanVest’s San Francisco eSports Conference to speak on a panel about the future of eSports. FanVest is an event and community platform designed to bring in movers and shakers from the business side of sports to break down the most important topics in the industry at localized speaker events. The events are held nationwide, and speakers consist of high-level creative and business executives from some of the biggest brand names around the world.

From left to right:

Ben Watley (eSports Manager, Super Evil Megacorp)

Craig Churchill (CRO, Skillz Inc.)

Ron Rheingold (Global Strategy & Partnerships, Twitch)

Kyle Nelson, (Co-Founder and CMO, MVPindex)

During Craig’s session, the panelists discussed the necessary steps for the eSports industry to continue its massive growth and the importance of spectatorship. Currently, many people think of eSports as just the top 1% of players. However, there are many additional players at varying levels that make up the larger ecosystem. This is similar to the sport of basketball, which isn’t just furthered by the professionals that compete in the NBA, but also by players of all ages and abilities who drive the popularity of the game. There are 450 players in the NBA, but over 30 million people who play basketball across the U.S. The same is true for eSports, and mobile gaming is democratizing the market, allowing everyone to participate!

In addition to the audience who went to the event in person, those not in attendance who were also interested in hearing the expert insights from these knowledgeable executives were able to tune in remotely to watch all of the sessions throughout the day via a Twitch stream.

Looking back on the event, Craig notes: “I was impressed by the caliber of speakers. It was a very well-organized event, and I enjoyed discussing where the eSports industry is headed.”


Keep an eye out for Skillz executives at future industry events!