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Skillz Case Study: Tether Studios Has Built a Winning Model with the Skillz eSports Platform

Tether Studios & Skillz case study

Tether Studios is a two-person husband and wife team whose mission is to tie the world together through games. They have built a portfolio of games including Solitaire Cube and Question Cube – all developed with the Skillz eSports platform.

Tether Studios didn’t have a challenge. They had an opportunity to leverage the Skillz platform to continue to build out their portfolio of compelling games. On the heels of their other successful Skillz titles, the pair was looking for its next big hit.

They wanted to continue their model of skill-based, player-friendly titles. It only took a matter of days to devise the concept of their next game, which explores the puzzle genre. Leveraging the existing framework of their other games and their familiarity with the Skillz platform, Tether was able to build and launch their new Cube Cube puzzle game in under two weeks!

The title is now Tether’s most popular game on the Skillz platform, and across their entire portfolio. Shortly after launching, they saw outstanding performance, including:

  • D1, D7 and D30 retention of 61%, 48% and 25%, respectively
  • Over 45 minutes per day in the game per player
  • Average revenue per daily active user (ARPDAU) of $.29


Read more about how Tether Studios built their winning eSports model in their full Skillz case study.