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Skillz Behind the Scenes: Open Office Layout

Office design is an undeniably important aspect of a company’s culture – it reflects the business personality, working style, and the needs of employees. In the last installment of our Skillz Behind the Scenes blog series, we focused on our conference rooms, which are named after famous video game characters. This week, we’re highlighting our open office layout!

Many studies have speculated on whether an open floor plan is positive or negative for a company’s productivity. Some say the open layout causes more distractions and overload; others praise the design for fostering communication and quick problem solving. Regardless, the impact of an environment on employees depends on the company’s culture and values – and for us, the open layout aligns perfectly.

All of the floors at our San Francisco headquarters are designed with expansive rows of desks and computer monitors for every employee. Each section (or pod) of grouped desks consists of a specific department or team, such as Developer Marketing or QA Engineering. In these areas there’s an ample amount of space for Skillzians to work and collaborate with each other, as well as the option to create a standing desk.

The versatility of this design allows employees to personalize their workspaces, while fostering communication within and between departments. As Skillzian Nathan says, “Skillz is a very fast-paced company and this environment allows us to quickly connect on important initiatives and execute time-sensitive projects.” Other employees noted the camaraderie that is built through the ability to easily interact with each other on a daily basis, plus the accessibility it provides people to both managers and senior leadership.

While there are pros and cons to every office design, our open layout represents our fun culture, aligns with our values of collaboration and transparency, and supports our fast-moving environment. If this sounds like an atmosphere that aligns with your working style, check out our careers page and apply to join the Skillz team!