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Skillz SF Web Services Team Outing

Whether we’re celebrating holidays or hitting the park for a BBQ, you know Skillzians like to have a good time together. As our employee headcount has grown to surpass 120 people, we’ve also started dedicating more time to enjoy smaller individual team outings in addition to all-staff events.

Most recently, our web services team (comprised of both product team members and portals engineers) took a half day off to head outside and have some fun! Their chosen activity? Visiting SFF Soccer for an afternoon of archery tag and bubble soccer. We’ve heard rumors that this choice was inspired by bringing a Skillz-integrated game, Archery Gold, to life. Whether this was intentional or just a happy coincidence, everyone agreed it was a top-notch bonding activity.

After shooting padded arrows at each other, Web Services team members strapped themselves into massive bubbles to play soccer, which made running around bouncy and entertaining.

“These are the people I work most closely with every day, but it was so much fun to spend time with them in a different setting and forge deeper relationships,” reflects Nicole, a web designer who participated in the excursion. “My favorite game was bubble soccer, because we were all just rolling around as we played – it’s an awesome memory we can all look back on and laugh about together!”

These Skillzians ended their day with a sweet treat – because who doesn’t love ice cream?! Stay tuned to see what the rest of our staff decided to do for their team bonding outings, and apply for our open positions to join in on the fun!