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A Glimpse into Skillz Culture – Q1 SKILLZ TEAM COMPETITION (Anotha One)

The entire staff looks forward to our quarterly office-wide team competition, and the time has finally come to relive all the glory of our Q1 wrap/Q2 kickoff celebration! If you’re not familiar with our quarterly competitions, check out our post about last quarter’s festivities.

This quarter, the theme of our chosen games was “The Greatest Hits.” Since we were celebrating one year since the inception of our quarterly challenge, we thought it was only fitting to pay homage to the fan favorites from the past 12 months so both new and tenured employees alike could relive these crowd pleasers. These hallowed games included Blindfolded Jenga and fruit bowling from our first team competition, Balloon Pingball from our second series, and rubber duckie hunting from our third installment.

Two Skillzians in the zone during Blindfolded Jenga

After a quarter of hard work, Skillzians gathered on the top floor of our office to start the anticipated games, making sure to follow the golden rule of this quarterly challenge:

Fair play: Be nice, don’t be mean. The judges frown upon all attempts to gain an unfair advantage through use of any means including but not limited to the following: conspiracy, coups, overthrows, direct sabotage, indirect sabotage, Skittles and carrots.”

Now with 120+ employees and three floors, we split into groups and circulated around the building, playing different games on each of the three levels we currently occupy. The top floor was decked out with a court for Balloon Pingball – a cross between volleyball and ping pong, but played with a balloon!

Kevin and Nathan prepare to receive a serve in Balloon Pingball as other Skillzians spectate

A short elevator ride down, the floor was split into two. A large blue tarp was the foundation for the juicy Fruit Bowling, where we rolled several different size fruits to knock down RedBull cans. On the other side of the floor rubber duckies were lined up, and we were given Nerf guns to knock them down (a task that is much harder than it seems). On the third floor, our communication skillz and collaboration were tested with games including Emoji Charades and Blindfolded Jenga. Check out this video if you wanna get a first hand look at the fun!

After a final showdown of the top four teams, “The Winner’s Circle” was dubbed the champions after receiving the highest net score, and rewarded appropriately with our paper crowns and our customary inflatable trophy.

Members of “The Winner’s Circle” pose with their trophy and paper crowns

If you think you have a shot at joining the winner’s circle during our next quarterly team competition, check out our open positions and apply to play alongside these Skillzians!