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Skillz SVP of Engineering Keynotes MESA Student Leadership Conference

Last weekend, our SVP of Engineering was the keynote speaker at MESA’s Student Leadership Conference in Los Angeles, California. MESA is an organization that looks to transform the technology industry by developing the next generation of diverse STEM leaders. It hosts the Student Leadership Conference annually, bringing together students and industry professionals for a two-day event full of educational, networking, and career development opportunities.

During Miriam’s keynote presentation, she spoke about her personal and professional experiences as a woman in tech, how she ended up at Skillz, and why she looks forward to coming to work every day. Most notably, she talked about some of the difficult realities that individuals with diverse backgrounds face in the tech industry. Miriam closed out by offering a few keys to success and a list of action items for attendees as they begin to build their careers!

Miriam’s presentation really resonated with the students in attendance, who were particularly impressed by the commitment Skillz demonstrates to unbiased hiring practices and building a diverse team. After her keynote speech, attendees asked a lot of enthusiastic questions, including how to tackle tough situations in the workplace and how to set themselves apart in the job seeking process.

Miriam really enjoyed speaking at the Student Leadership Conference and looks forward to attending future MESA events. If you’re looking to start your career in tech, we’ve got great news – we’re hiring! Just check out the list of open positions on our website for more information.