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International Women’s Day: Skillzians’ Proudest Career Moments

In honor of International Women’s Day, we are celebrating the wonderful women on our Skillz team. We appreciate all of the hard work and impressive values they embody every day, but are excited to share some of our Skillzians’ proudest career accomplishments on this empowering day!  

Elizabeth is a tried-and-true Skillzian, who has been with the company for over four years. She’s one of our biggest self-proclaimed “gamers” and a talented coder. Her proudest career moment reflects all of her hard work and growth at Skillz! She says, “I’m proud of how I’ve grown from an entry-level co-op to a full-time engineer that is leading a portion of the SDK engineering team.”

Roxie is our resident public relations expert. She began her career at a PR agency before joining Skillz as the only PR hire back in 2015. Over the past 3.5 years she has built a team of 5 people underneath her, consistently surpassing department goals and growing into our Communications Lead. Her proudest career moments are helping Skillz succeed year after year, and also being named to PRWeek’s U.S. Champions of PR at the age of just 25 – making her one of the youngest recipients in history of this nationwide award!

Since recently transitioning into the role of Events Specialist from her original job on our Admin team, Chloe has helped put together the logistics for amazing Skillz events, such as our SF and Portland holiday parties! She is currently knee-deep with our Developer Marketing team in the preparation and planning for our upcoming expo at GDC. Chloe is most proud to have taken over coordinating Skillz events and ensuring they run as smoothly as possible for everyone involved.

In Candice’s position as Lifecycle Manager, she composes push notifications and emails to inform our players of new events and offers. When asked about her proudest career moment, she said, “A few weeks after I was hired, Skillz CEO Andrew Paradise told me that he was so glad to have hired me because the emails he’s receiving now portray the level of quality Skillz needs.” This was a validating moment for Candice, because she takes great joy in a job well done.

Lissette, our Office Assistant, came to Skillz from the banking industry. She’s a newer addition to the Skillz team, and reflects on her favorite career memory thus far, expressing: “My proudest moment was becoming the youngest banker in the market to reach the highest sales for a year straight!”

When speaking to the favorite part about her career at Skillz, Elena said, “I’m proud that I feel empowered to speak to my manager candidly about topics such as salary and performance.” She also takes pride in fully owning impactful projects, from design to completion, as a Data Engineer!

Our Enterprise Sales Manager, Soojee, says her proudest moment was “launching my first game with one of our key developer partners, and seeing them buy a beautiful home and grow their studio to keep doing what they love.”

Cate is the Fraud Manager in our Portland office. She expressed: “What I’m proudest of in my career has been helping to build out the Portland office here at Skillz. We’ve grown from just a few of us working out of our living rooms to taking over many rooms at a co-working space, and soon we’ll have a big new office.” Cate describes the experience of building out the risk department and culture as very challenging, but also incredibly rewarding.

If you want to be part of a team that celebrates diversity and supports career growth, check out the open positions on our website! Happy International Women’s Day from Skillz!