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Skillz Behind the Scenes: Video Game-Themed Conference Rooms!

Our latest blog series, “Skillz Behind the Scenes,” will give you an inside look at all the fun and quirky aspects of the gaming-centric culture Skillzians get to enjoy by virtue of working at an eSports company! This week, we’re letting you peek inside our fun and functional conference rooms.

If you follow Skillz on social media (via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram), you might have seen our recent update about expanding our San Francisco headquarters to occupy a third floor in our current building. As we grow, we make sure to continue honoring our gaming roots, and one of the little details that reflects this is our array of conference rooms.

One floor is entirely Pokémon-themed given the results of an all-staff naming competition, so each meeting room is named after a different popular character. A few rooms are designed for small, two-person meetings and others hold large groups. A couple of these special conference rooms, such as Pikachu and Bulbasaur, are also home to a stuffed toy version of the Pokémon character, which presides over all the meetings that take place in each room.

While the Pokémon-themed rooms are frequently utilized, a different floor features classic Mario Bros. characters, like Luigi, Bowser, Yoshi and Princess Peach!

Our final floor (and the area we’ve occupied the longest in the SF office) has conference rooms named after classic video game characters like Master Chief! If you look closely, you can also see writing all over the walls of these conference rooms. This is possible because each room is coated with floor-to-ceiling whiteboard paint, which makes brainstorming and sharing ideas as a group easy and accessible.

While we work hard every day, we also recognize the importance of incorporating fun and excitement into our work environment. Our conference rooms reflect our shared mission to make gaming better and help us stay engaged and creative as we collaborate in team meetings!

If you’d like to work in a creative and collaborative environment, you might be a great fit for the Skillz team. Check out our careers page to see open positions, and stay tuned for the next installment in our “Skillz Behind the Scenes” blog series!