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EVO 2017 Recap: Skillzian Glen Zhou Competes in “Super Smash Bros.”!

Skillzian Glen Competes at EVO 2017
This past weekend in fabulous Las Vegas, over 10,000 people attended EVO 2017, the 16th edition of the Evolution Championship Series. The annual fighting game tournament features an impressive game lineup, including “Street Fighter V,” “Tekken 7,” “Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3,” and more, with “Super Smash Bros. Melee” and “Super Smash Bros. for Wii U” as the official headliners.

One of the world’s largest competitive gaming tournaments? You know a Skillzian had to be there. Who better than Glen Zhou, Skillz Game Launch Coordinator and professional “Super Smash Bros. ” competitor?

Glen lives and breathes everything “Melee” – he even founded “Smash at Berkeley,” UC Berkeley’s premier “Super Smash Bros.” club dedicated to helping Cal “Smashers” learn, grow, and connect with one another through workshops and tournaments.

Here he is (on the right) sporting his EVO 2017 gear!

Skillzian Glen Competes at EVO 2017
The event offered plenty of exciting matches to watch, and revealed some huge announcements from fighting game developers around the world. Here are some of the top highlights:

  • Since EVO Japan was announced at last year’s EVO, fans have been waiting on a final date and confirmation on which games would be headlining the inaugural event. Well, the organizers confirmed at EVO 2017 that the tournament will take place in Tokyo next January and brand new fighting game “Arms” will make its tournament debut.
  • Capcom revealed its biggest “Street Fighter V” character yet – literally. At 8’0” and 584 lbs, Abigail’s size even surpasses that of Hugo, the tallest character in the entire “Street Fighter” franchise so far.
  • Veteran Japanese fighting game pro Tokido emerged as the champion of this year’s “Street Fighter V” tournament. Here’s Tokido’s famous taunt combo from last weekend that ultimately sealed his triumphant victory:

Thanks for representing Skillz at EVO this weekend, Glen! Many of the streams from EVO 2017 can be found on its Twitch channel here. As Skillz continues to pioneer competitive gaming for mobile (have you heard “Street Fighter” is partnering with Skillz to enter the mobile eSports market?), we’ll also continue to keep you updated on all thing eSports and competitive gaming!