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Employee Spotlight: Philippe-Guillaume, Senior Development and Operations Engineer

As a Senior DevOps Engineer at Skillz, Philippe-Guillaume describes his role as “keeping the lights on.” His job is to enable all of the other developers to do their jobs as efficiently as possible by creating tools and infrastructure to use while maintaining our existing systems.

As a young boy in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Philippe-Guillaume dreamed of being a truck driver. As he grew older, his interests in environmental science emerged. He moved to New York and attended Columbia University in hopes of repurposing existing nuclear technology and waste to better the environment.

However, after taking his first computer science class, Philippe-Guillaume fell in love with software engineering. When he realized he could get paid for having fun developing code, he was hooked. After college, he was looking for a job and found Skillz on a subreddit about careers in the Bay Area careers – and the rest is history!


A big part of working for a company that is forging the path of a brand new industry is creating resolutions to challenges that no one else has had to tackle before. Philippe-Guillaume says this is one of his favorite parts about his job. “When we encounter an obstacle that no other company has faced, we have to find our own solution,” he explains. “My favorite part of my job is when I come up with a solution to something and it actually works.”

If Philippe-Guillaume was a video game character, he’d want to be Auron from “Final Fantasy X” – a game he spent more than 200 hours playing back in middle school. Now, he spends his time playing “Can Strike” and “Dofus.” When he isn’t gaming, he likes to listen to audiobooks, and soak up as much information about programming as possible. His thirst for knowledge is never-ending, infecting even his dreams of being a superhero. If bestowed a superpower, he would want the ability to temporarily clone himself, and when the clones disappeared, he would absorb their experiences and knowledge.


Philippe-Guillaume joined the Skillz team in 2016, and during his time here, he has truly grown and evolved alongside the company. He was instrumental in creating some of the fundamental technology that makes our platform successful, such as a server monitoring agent that gathers information about how the various systems are doing. He also helped build the first chat prototype.

When reflecting on his experience contributing to our groundbreaking technology, Philippe-Guillaume says, “I like the challenge that comes with working for a company pioneering a new space. I get to learn so many new things as we go through the process of figuring out how to create innovative products that never existed before.”

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