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Employee Spotlight: Cate, Fraud Manager

Cate has always been interested in gaming, so when she heard about an opportunity to put her skills to work at a company revolutionizing the future of gaming, she applied right away. Originally from Denver, Colorado, Cate moved to Portland to attend Lewis & Clark College, where she studied sociology with a minor in music.

Cate now works in our Portland office as a Fraud Manager, and uses her knowledge to understand the players on our system, compile data, and ask key questions. She has been with us for two years now and has seen the growth of Skillz firsthand.

“It’s amazing to watch the company grow. When I first started at Skillz, the Portland office was just a couple people – now, we take up three whole rooms!”

In her free time, Cate plays the fiddle and has recently been trying to learn the banjo. She also enjoys spending time with co-workers brewing beer, and loves to watch Western movies – she even named her cat Bat Masterson after her favorite cowboy! Similar to the role of a sheriff of an old Western, Cate works to keep any fraudulent people away from our system to maintain a safe, fair environment for the rest of our players.

Throughout her years at Skillz, her favorite part about her job has been how effortless it is to communicate with everyone. Although we have three separate offices and several people working remotely, Cate says it’s really easy to approach everyone.

“Skillzians are a very tight-knit group,” she says. “These aren’t just my co-workers, they’re my friends!”

The Portland office often takes trips together in order to bond. Recently, they went to a DIY bar to get crafty! They also have recurring board games nights and play video games like “Overwatch” after work, which is Cate’s current favorite. If you’re interested in working for a close-knit company, whether it be in Portland or San Francisco, check out our open positions!