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Employee Spotlight: Brianna, Product Analyst

Bri grew up in Los Angeles, later moving to Northern California to attend Stanford University, where she studied mathematical computational science. She always knew she wanted to work in a math-related field, but started with a stronger preference for practical and applied math. While at Stanford, she was able to integrate math with subjects like computer science and biology.

When asked why she joined Skillz in 2016, she said: “It was really clear to me from my first interview here that Skillz wasn’t just your average startup. I could tell that the company was founded by people driven to revolutionize the gaming industry, and I was drawn to being part of something so exciting.”

At Skillz, Bri provides data that our product team can use to understand what features are working well and what still needs more fine-tuning. She describes her role as proactively identifying opportunities – she is brought in when we’re thinking about new ways to grow the business or increase engagement. “I really love the energy everyone brings to the table at Skillz,” Bri enthuses. “I’ve met a ton of cool people here, and it’s exciting when we put our heads together to create brand new concepts.”



Bri doesn’t have any pets, but she cares dearly for her assortment of succulents and other plants – some of which she has even brought into the office! She thinks this is a growing (pun intended) phenomenon, not just a personal preference. She explains, “millennials are turning to house plants more frequently than pets now because we don’t own anything and are always on the move.She isn’t the only one in the office that loves plants. We even have a specific Slack channel dedicated to plants and plant-related discussions. Not surprisingly, this is easily Bri’s favorite Slack channel.

When she was young, Bri had an abstract view of what it meant to work and play. Her love of “SimCity” led her to believe that she wanted to be a civil engineer, but she finally realized in her first college course that she had no true concept of what that profession entails. She switched her field of study and never looked back.

During her time in San Francisco, she has found a community outside of work with which she spends a lot of her free time – her queer softball and kickball leagues! She enjoys meeting people through the leagues from all over the Bay Area with something in common that brings them together. She also does quite a lot of volunteering in her free time.

“I’m really happy that my schedule enables me to get out and volunteer,” she enthuses. “Every month I volunteer at the SF LGBT Center, working with a lot of youth and helping them find resources. I feel like we can all make a difference if we take the time to help out.”

Want to be part of creating new products at Skillz, or catch a glimpse of Bri’s awesome succulent collection? Check out our current job openings!