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Skillz Employee Engagement: Full Survey Results

According to a 2017 Gallup poll, only 32% of employees across the United States are engaged with their companies. That presents a big opportunity, because employee engagement is directly related to workplace happiness as well as productivity.

Skillz, like many companies, conducts both internal and third party surveys to measure employee engagement and satisfaction. These surveys aren’t perfect, but they’re generally the best tool available for getting a holistic picture of an organization and what it’s like to work there. The goal of these surveys is simple: fair measurement. In order to grow as an organization, a company and its employees need to understand how the organization is doing.

Universal participation (or as close as you can get) is important. After all, you want to measure the voice of every employee rather than just a vocal few. This isn’t always easy. Surveys take time to complete, and it’s generally easier to say nothing than it is to share feedback. For the most recent engagement survey at Skillz (completed in Q2 of this year), we were honored that 92% of Skillzians took time out of their day to complete the survey and share feedback with the company.

Our most recent third party survey was conducted by Inc. Magazine as part of its competition for Best Places to Work in America. The results, which we are publishing in their entirety below, paint a picture of a company that is far from perfect, but also one with a lot to be proud of. According to the survey, 58% of our employees are highly engaged and another 28% are moderately engaged. 10% of employees rate as barely engaged and 4% rate as disengaged. The top word used to describe Skillz is “Fun.” Among the other data, there is also very useful qualitative free-form feedback from the team describing the good and the opportunities for Skillz to do better.

Full Survey Results

We decided to share the data above, and more importantly the full survey results, for three reasons: First, the truth has no fear of the light. Skillz is a work in progress, which means we’re successful because of many of the things we’ve done well, but also in spite of some of the things we haven’t done well. Second, both our employees and any prospective employees deserve to know the good, the bad, and the ugly about the mission they’re on or the one they’re considering signing up for. And finally, we shared this data because the best way to foster an honest conversation is to make facts broadly available, rather than letting rumors and/or anonymous innuendo rule the day.

We hope this data provides anyone reading it with an accurate glimpse into the culture at Skillz. We hope it sparks useful dialogue, and we hope the next time we have engagement data to share, it shows that we’ve held on to the things that make Skillz special while improving the things we can be doing better.