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Skillz Hosts Live eSports Tournaments at Exclusive E3 Party

Last week, Skillzians attended E3, the world’s premier event for computer and video games and related products. The best and brightest people in the gaming industry came from around the world to sunny Los Angeles for an exciting three-day event full of new product reveals, game demos and more. This year, Skillz partnered with Wedbush and Intel to host a party with live tournaments and a grand prize of a Ducati Monster 797 motorcycle!


A group of Skillzians with the Ducati before the event

The E3 expo featured exhibitors like Activision, Ubisoft, Capcom and Bethesda, which had booths where you could play various titles, learn more about the product, meet people from the company, and even watch others compete.

Many Skillzians had the chance to walk around the expo and see the companies with specialized booths and exhibits! Jackie, a member of our Developer Relations team, recalls, “The expo was breathtaking. The booths had impressive setups and were so much fun to visit. Nintendo’s expo area, in particular, really mesmerized me and brought me back to my childhood!”


Part of Nintendo’s booth


“Some of my favorite booths featured games like Fortnite, Spider-Man and Jurassic World,” notes Amanda, a PR team member who attended the expo. “They were really interactive, and gave away free swag to attendees. Fortnite’s popcorn, chocolate chip cookies and color-changing cups were pretty hard to beat!”

Part of Sony PlayStation’s expo area


Wedbush has been hosting exclusive VIP parties at E3 for 13 years. As a co-sponsor this year, we were able to contribute to creating a fun atmosphere including an open bar, unlimited sushi and passed appetizers, and a charging station for our VIP attendees. We hosted seven tournaments, with prizes ranging from gift cards to tablets!


Our attendees huddled in circles playing popular Skillz games like Cube Cube and Strike! Bowling. The event gave partygoers the opportunity to connect with other heavy hitters in the gaming industry (including the many Skillzians in attendance), and learn more about our games through live, interactive tournaments.

David, a member of our Developer Marketing team, looks back fondly on this successful party. In his words, “It was exhilarating to see how engaged people were with the Skillz product! Attendees really got into the competitive spirit and gave their all to try and come out on top to win the Ducati.”

Attendees competing in the live tournaments

By the end of the night, many attendees walked away with brand new iPads, Bose speakers, and Amazon gift cards. One especially skilled individual walked away with a Ducati after winning our final tournament of the night – and he couldn’t be more excited!



Grand prize Ducati winner celebrating with our CEO and founder, Andrew Paradise

We had a blast sharing our latest mobile eSports technology and content with fellow gaming industry professionals during our fun-filled E3 trip, and are already looking forward to next year!