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Didn’t Make It To GDC? Here Are Highlights From The Week

This year’s Game Developers Conference was one for the books. After months of preparation, we prepared for the week ready to teach developers about Skillz and join the conversation surrounding all of the latest trends in gaming and eSports. For context, GDC is the world’s largest professional game industry event, which brings 28,000 attendees to San Francisco to exchange ideas and shape the future of the industry.

On the Sunday before GDC, Skillz hosted a Game Jam, which brought attendees throughout the world to receive game design and development feedback, work on the Skillz SDK integration and enjoy delicious food and drinks. Attendees also participated in a live event, which showcased the power of Skillz, along with awarding some awesome real-world prizes.

Skillzians then spent the first two days of the conference attending speaking sessions, panels, and workshops to gain insight into what’s new and exciting in the industry. It was awesome to see other leading companies and professionals in the space sharing their thoughts on the current gaming market, as well as their projections for the future. Speaking topics included competition, monetization, AR/VR, diversity, accessibility, and more.

On Wednesday, the highly anticipated exposition began. We hosted our largest booth yet, complete with a Skillz tower, live broadcasted mobile gaming tournaments, and tons of prizes. Attendees were excited to join competitions for five of our games — “Dunk A Lot,” “Cube Cube,” “Brick Breaker,” “Guns, Cars and Zombies,” and “Strike!”

Top winners walked away with Amazon gift cards, Nintendo Switches, Oculus Rifts, Beats Headphones, iPads, and more. It was extremely rewarding to see players and developers alike enjoying our booth and learning more about Skillz.

One of our favorite moments was when the developer of “Dunk A Lot” dropped by and shared tips and tricks for the participants in the live tournament. Our Chief Revenue Officer was even featured in an NBC Bay Area segment about the future of video games.

On Thursday, our CEO spoke on a panel at the conference alongside professionals from NRG eSports and Sapphire Ventures, moderated by a freelance eSports journalist. Topics of discussion included viewership, brands, and monetization. Andrew shared his thoughts on monetization in the industry, stating, “I expect brands to be far more impactful on monetization than tournament prizes in the near future.” He also spoke to what it takes to turn a game into a successful eSport: “The most popular games in the world are incredibly easy to pick up but fantastically difficult to master.”

Overall, GDC was an incredibly successful week. We’re honored to be part of a great gaming community and look forward to helping push the industry to further success. If you’re looking to get a job in the gaming and eSports world, check out our careers page.