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Celebrating Women’s Equality Today & Every Other Day of the Year

Over half of Skillz gamers are women. Skillz envisions a world where everyone plays games, which means we need everyone represented to help us build it. By taking the ParityPledge® in 2018, Skillz became the first gaming or esports company to commit to interviewing at least one woman for every open executive role. We’re doubling down on our commitment to diversity and inclusion, and we’re also fostering a referral culture to enhance successful hiring and onboarding of a diverse group of Skillzians as we work to achieve our vision of everyone embracing their inner champion. As we work to ensure fair competition can thrive in a digital world, we’re also committed to fair and inclusive hiring practices.

At a macro level, Skillz is empowering game makers with all backgrounds and experiences with the tools they need to build and accelerate sustainable businesses doing what they love.  With support from Skillz, we hope to bolster all of our developer partners’ lives through building sustainable, multi-million dollar business doing what they love. 

We’re also bolstering diversity for the world’s 2.6 billion mobile gamers. In the last two years, 7 of the top 10 Skillz champions were women. Among the top Skillz champions last year is a young woman from New Jersey. Last year, as a junior at Harvard University, she became a top 10 Skillz athlete. Now she’s a senior at Harvard, playing Skillz games to help put herself through school. Just before starting her senior year, she redeemed Skillz Ticketz to treat herself and seven friends to a tropical summer vacation on a Royal Caribbean cruise. 

Another opportunity to boost diversity and inclusion in gaming is higher education. Skillz regularly connects with students, leaders in academia, and influencers across the esports industry to support young people who are passionate about pursuing gaming careers. The rise of esports in America’s schools is inspiring and preparing tomorrow’s leaders to pursue their dream jobs. In the first half of 2019 alone, the number of esports jobs grew by 185 percent

We recently spoke with Renee Gittins, executive director of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA), who noted, “A huge benefit of working in the gaming industry is being able to make a place for yourself. Gaming is an industry with roles across all disciplines, and with the power to unite communities through a shared passion for interactive entertainment and storytelling. Although not everyone may not succeed as professional gamers like Ninja, we can all come together to build an incredibly diverse, inclusive, and creative digital landscape that’s driving the future of entertainment.”

To achieve true equality in gaming or any other sector — for anyone, from anywhere, with any identity or belief — we must continue empowering one another to embrace our inner champions. We’re grateful and proud of all the women employees, developer partners, and players for their contributions to Skillz as we work to make the world a better place through providing fair competition for everyone.