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Skillz Theming Engine – Customized Your Game Yet?


Skillz theming engine

Example of the theming engine providing a customized background and game tiles for “Sugar Rush – Match 3 Tournaments” by Daniel Perez O’Connor


As a leader in mobile eSports, we’re focused on being at the forefront in meeting many of the challenges facing developers today.

Building on those efforts, one of the specialized tools we offer our developer partners is a “Skillz theming engine”. It removes all the technical work for developers by offering a customized tournament interface made for their particular game.

Through this new customized platform, a product or marketing manager can completely customize the look and feel of the Skillz tournament platform within their game without any engineering work – a powerful, time-saving innovation for developers.

Theming aids developers who are looking to create a more visceral connection between playing a game and using the Skillz competitive tournament platform. It also gives players a more seamless and enjoyable experience. This represents a new era of integration. With theming, Skillz can feel like a more natural part of the game than ever before.

Here are some of the exciting features of the theming engine:

  • Custom assets so background image or game tiles match
  • Five default color themes to choose from: dark, white, emerald, cobalt, crimson
  • Advanced customization available, including custom images for the match stream
  • Publishers will be able to edit their game’s theme and preview it in sandbox
  • Potential for seasonal or sponsored theming content


The main advantage of theming is for the Skillz tournament interface within every game to share the look and feel of each individual game, to give players a more seamless and enjoyable experience. With theming, players won’t feel any disconnect between playing a single player version of the game and using Skillz for multiplayer eSports tournaments. Not only does theming provide a better UI/UX for players, but developers also receive a truly customized Skillz interface made just for their game, rather than a standard design.

Publishers can access this feature through the “Theme” section of their game in the Skillz developer portal. Visit to try out our free theming engine and get started!