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A Glimpse into Skillz Culture – Skillz HQ Team Competition!

Skillz Culture: Skillz HQ team competition

With an office full of gamers, you can imagine that an important pillar of Skillz culture is some friendly competition! Last Friday, we took our weekly game nights to the next level by dedicating the entire afternoon to a series of team competitions, designed to test both our brains and our brawn. The grand prize? Eternal glory. (And some pretty sweet paper crowns.)

The 60+ employees that work in our San Francisco headquarters were randomly broken into six groups. Each group included team members from across all company departments: product, engineering, developer relations, marketing, business development, customer advocacy, finance, HR and admin. After selecting team names and captains, the competition was on!

Skillzians put their best foot forward in five grueling events: paper plane bocce ball, blindfolded Jenga, handcuffed rice transfer, weakest bridge, and fruit bowling (complete with our recycled Red Bull cans as bowling pins, because #sustainability).

Although the competition was fierce, our senior marketing analyst led his team to victory with first and second place victories in every event. Whether it was pure strategy or just the surprising harmony of a randomly assigned team, the Team Six proudly took home the gold.

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