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A Glimpse Into Skillz Culture – Field Trip to the Musée Mécanique!


Skillz Culture: Field Trip to Musee Mecanique

Here at Skillz, we’re powering the future of gaming through our mobile eSports platform. We’re taking games that have been loved and enjoyed for decades – like bubble shooter, skeeball, pool, and Street Fighter – and transforming them into fun, competitive mobile experiences.

Recently, we decided to take a step back and experience some fan-favorite games of the past – games that paved the way for today’s global multi-billion dollar gaming industry and enabled Skillz to do what we love doing everyday.

Fortunately, just a few minutes from our San Francisco headquarters is the Musée Mécanique, one of the world’s largest privately owned collection of antique, coin-operated arcade machines in their original working condition.

It has everything from turn-of-the-century hand-cranked music boxes to vintage video arcade games. Here are some of our favorite memories from our field trip there:

  • You may recognize this machine from the 2001 film “The Princess Diaries.” Skillzian Robert tested his strength in an intense arm wrestling challenge – and won!
  • We get pretty competitive over here at Skillz… air hockey is no exception! Here, a couple of our engineers face off.
  • After tons of practice on the Skillz-powered game Bubble Shooter Tournaments, Skillzian David tried his hand at this vintage Bubble Shooter game.

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