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Ready, Set, Go: The Holiday Mobile Traffic Surge Is Upon Us


Holiday mobile traffic surge

Image Credit: Dice


Historically, customers have purchased 50% more apps during Thanksgiving week than any average week throughout the rest of the year. Thus begins the holiday mobile traffic rush.

While eCommerce drives a lot of this traffic, consumers are spending more time on their phones – whilst online binge shopping, standing in lines at stores, and sitting in airports or cars – so they’ll need to entertain themselves somehow.

Thanksgiving kicks off this “open season” so to speak, but things get really interesting come Christmas. Appboy has reported that “December 25-27 sees an average of 23 percent new device activates per day, and a 16 percent increase in app usage as people test their new devices out. There’s also a 42 percent spike in media apps when new devices are activated.”

Here at Skillz, we’ve also witnessed this holiday surge firsthand. Compared to an average Sunday in December 2015, the Sunday after New Year’s Day saw a 40% jump in activity amongst users. In addition, that same time period also produced 60% more new players.

So what does this mean for mobile game developers? Well, it means there’s an opportunity to capture some of this traffic surge. If you’ve been focusing on new projects and consequently neglecting your other games for awhile, it’s time to dust off the cobwebs and put some newfound holiday spirit back into them.

Need some ideas? At Skillz, we’ve seen some of our developers increase traffic by 20% or more simply by updating their app. Theming also helps to breathe new life into all your distinct games.

Amidst the festive shuffle, we should never forget the true meaning of the holidays: being close to family and friends. However, when people are chock-full of cookies and watching family home videos, a little competition with complete strangers could be the perfect break. If you find yourself in this position, you should think about adding eSports to your game to spice things up.

Whatever your holiday strategy, the mobile surge is real – so don’t let this traffic go to waste. The app store deadlines are coming up in just a few weeks. Kick-start your holiday efforts now!