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Skillz VIP

Did you know that Skillz has a special VIP program for our most active players? Whether you’re brand new to the platform or have been competing in our eSports competitions for years, you’re eligible to achieve this elite Skillz VIP status!

The first step in becoming a VIP is to play Skillz games…a LOT. Each match you play in any Skillz game will earn you a certain amount of Ticketz (which is listed underneath each individual tournament).

Your total number of Ticketz will appear in the top menu area of any Skillz game, and your progress to each tier will be displayed in a bar on the top of the “Home” page of the app. This is where you can track your progress each month to see how many more Ticketz you need to earn in order to progress to the next level.

The best part about hitting a new tier? All of the Ticketz you earn for the entire month will multiply in value! Every player starts at 1x, but once you hit 2x, the Ticketz value of each match will automatically be doubled, then tripled for 3x, and so on…which makes it even easier to maintain your current tier or hit a new one!

Here’s the number of Ticketz you need to accrue within a month to achieve each respective multiplier level:

  • 1x Multiplier: 0 Ticketz
  • 2x Multiplier: 10,000 Ticketz
  • 3x Multiplier: 75,000 Ticketz
  • 4x Multiplier: 150,000 Ticketz
  • 6x Multiplier: 800,000 Ticketz

The top multiplier (6x), also referred to as “Black Tier,” means you’ve reached VIP status! This comes with a number of unique benefits, including:

  • Official VIP welcome pack (which includes a welcome letter from Skillz and exclusive company swag)
  • VIP-only tournament invitations
  • Special Ticketz redemption options
  • 6x Ticketz multiplier
  • Opportunity to earn seasonal Skillz challenge coins

Also, if you maintain Black Tier for 12 consecutive months, you guarantee your Black Tier and VIP status for a full year! You’ll also get a personalized challenge coin display (pictured above). The display includes a plate with your Skillz username and “Skillz VIP” engraved on it.

Congratulations to all our VIP and Black Tier players on achieving this impressive accomplishment!