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5 Reasons Why You Should Join The Skillz Developer Forum

Author: Alex Yi

Last October, we launched our Skillz Developer Forum, which is an online resource specifically for our developer community. We’re excited for Skillz developers to use the forum as a place to learn and share with each other. The goal was to create a platform for developers to discuss a wide range of topics and share knowledge with Skillz game developer partners.

We’ve worked hard to make the forum a prime destination for developers. Here are 5 reasons why you should check out the Skillz Developer Community Forum.

1. Learn about the Skillz news and new SDK features

Over the past 6 months, the forum has become the best way to learn about new releases and updates to the SDK. We announce new updates and post the release notes on the forum first so our developers know what to look forward to in every new SDK.

When we launched the forum, one of the first topics we covered extensively was the Mercury SDK launch and we did the same with Zinc, introducing new features like Auto Update for iOS and Samsung devices and other user experience improvements.

The forum is also an excellent place to learn about developer-centric news and events. It is a great way to stay up to date with Skillz webinars, trade show coverage, developer contests, and more. So if you’re curious about things like Skillz at GDC or our Indie Ignite contests, the forum is a great place to learn more.

2. Dive into our developer resource library

We’ve been posting new content in the forum since it launched, sharing resources related to everything from how to set up your first game to tips on cross-promotion, and player acquisition best practices.

We go out of the way to post unique content discussing topics specific to the integration process that complements what’s found in Skillz documentation. There are posts describing fixes for common integration issues and errors alongside posts discussing the Apple App Store review process. We’ve even shared one-pagers and case studies, discussing topics like App Store Optimization best practices, Skillz game design tips, and more.

If there’s a certain aspect of integration you need help with, our resources and tip of the week forum tags are great jumping off points to get started with the Skillz-powered game integration and launch process.

3. Connect with other Skillz developers

Have you ever wanted to reach out to another Skillz developer to pick their brain on mobile game development or to ask for advice?

A great benefit of forums is how easy it is to make connections within a community. Our forum is no different. Through the forum, we introduced an easy way for developers to ask questions and discuss topics that are important to them. We see the forum as an online community for Skillz developers to do everything from finding someone to collaborate with on a new project to asking the wider community for input on a problem they’re facing.

As a member of the developer community, striking up conversations with other developers through the forum can be as quick and easy as typing up a quick email and hitting send.

4. Ask questions like “is anyone else seeing this problem?”

Not every integration goes smoothly. There are times where a problem or an error can slow down development resulting in delays.

While Skillz is always happy to work through development and integration issues, sometimes it’s nice to get the opinion of someone who’s done it before. The forum is a place to find that kind of help from developers who have first-hand experience tackling the same problem. And if you’ve already integrated the SDK, paying it forward is a great way to foster new relationships and expand your network.

Even if you don’t know the answer to a given question, it’s helpful to have someone be a sounding board to bounce ideas off of. And no matter what the issue, it’s never a bad idea to ask for a second opinion.

5. Get advice post-integration

The goal for every game is to eventually start offering real-world prizes for tournaments and to do that, you’ll need to start driving players into your new Skillz game.

Marketing your game can be difficult, especially on a limited budget. And while not every strategy will work for every game, learning other people’s methods is a good way to build your own marketing strategy. Asking the community about what worked and didn’t work is valuable when trying to develop successful marketing strategies. We also publish a wide array of post-launch resources; everything to user acquisition tips to best practices for becoming prize-enabled.

Our ultimate goal is to build a close-knit, vibrant network of mobile developers who are not only passionate about Skillz, but want to help fellow developers become successful. We want our community to be an equal partner in growing competitive mobile gaming. So whether you’re a new developer looking for integration help or you want to contribute to disseminating best practices, we’re always looking for driven new developers to join our community.

Head over to the forum to start exploring and say hello on the Introduction Thread. Look forward to seeing you there!