Earn money from your stream – even when you’re not streaming

Host our live-tournament channel when you’re offline, and get paid for it

Our Partners

How Can I Earn Money From Skillz

Host our channel, get installs, get paid.


Each time a viewer installs with your link


Skillz Bonus Cash for every 100 installs

Step 1:

Sign-up to become a Skillz Partner, and you’ll receive a personalized install link.

Step 2:

When you’re offline, set your channel to host the “Skillz” channel (twitch.com/skillz).

Step 3:

Make sure viewers use your personalized install link when they join a Skillz tournament.

Step 4:

Receive payments from us every month for your installs. Sit back and enjoy!

*Skillz reserves the right to modify compensation amounts in the future. Any change in compensation will be effective upon posting the new terms on the website or upon sending an email notification to participating users.