NFL & Skillz Mobile Game Developer Challenge

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Calling All Game Developers!

The next page in the competitive esports playbook is about to be written. The NFL & Skillz are giving developers the opportunity to bring the iconic game of football to life on mobile. Enter the challenge, create an NFL-inspired mobile game, and reshape the future of esports!

Winning developers will receive:


Exclusive access to NFL
& team logos


Co-promotion of your
game by the NFL & Skillz


Expert feedback from
game design pros


Marketing to launch
your game

The Challenge

Create the next great NFL-inspired mobile game!

  • Concept and develop an original NFL-inspired mobile game
  • Game must effectively leverage the Skillz competition platform
  • Only skill-based games will be considered; no games of chance
  • Gameplay cannot be 11 v 11 simulation, beyond that, the only limit is your team’s imagination
  • The game you create is yours to keep and launch whether you win or lose

What Makes A Great Skillz Game?

Skillz is a proprietary competition platform that mobile game developers can easily integrate into their games. The Skillz SDK contains the account, tournament, rewards and social systems already built-in, so devs can focus on creating amazing gameplay and get to market quicker.

  • The action is fun. The competition is fierce. And above all, the game is FAIR!
  • Gameplay that’s easy to learn, but challenging to master, so players can onboard quickly and still increase in skill after many weeks of competition
  • An intuitive, compelling gameplay loop that encourages active users to play 10+ games a day
  • Two to four minutes of exciting gameplay per match, packed with memorable moments, interesting strategic options and challenging tests of skill
  • Excellent production quality and appealing, thematically appropriate art to provide players with a highly-polished gameplay experience
  • Deep variety of in-game setups to ensure that each match presents players with a fresh challenge

The clock is ticking! Get started today.

Getting Started

Official details and rules will be posted in the coming weeks.
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