Transform Your Game Into a Mobile eSport

Use Skillz to increase your game’s retention, engagement, and revenue.

Skillz, the leading mobile eSports platform, connects the world’s 2.6 billion gamers through competitive mobile games. Over 13,000 mobile game developers leverage the power of the Skillz to seamlessly integrate competitive tournaments into their mobile game. Skillz is reshaping the gaming industry by empowering game developers with a full-stack competitive gaming engine to transform mobile games into a full-fledged mobile eSport.

Boost Player Engagement

Boost Player Engagement

Enhance the player experience by enabling them to compete in head-to-head matches, leaderboards, and live tournaments.

Improve Retention Rates

Improve Retention Rates

Increase player retention through push notifications, referral bonus programs, loyalty perks & rewarding your players with real-world cash and prizes.

Uncover a New Revenue Stream

Uncover a New Revenue Stream

Enhance the player experience by enabling them to compete in head-to-head matches, leaderboards, and live tournaments.

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Level Up Your Game with Competition and Built-In Monetization

Enhance the Player Experience

With the power of Skillz, players can compete in head-to-head matches, leaderboards, and bracketed tournaments — all while earning Skillz loyalty perks.

Turnkey eSports for Everyone™

Skillz seamlessly integrates into your game and handles all aspects of tournament management. It also features automated gameplay recording so streamers can broadcast your game to millions of viewers.

Do What You Love, Developing Games

Do what you do best, making great games and let us take care of the live operations. Skillz provides full-stack customer support, from managing player support to prize support.


Self-Service Customization and Built-In Analytics

Access our easy-to-use web interface to gain insight into game performance and analytics, to configure tournament features, and to customize their branding within the Skillz platform.

Marketing and Optimization — On Us

Our team continually optimizes each game’s Skillz integration and boosts retention and acquisition through push notifications, referral bonus programs, and loyalty perks.

Multiplayer Your Players Will Love

With an average NPS of 45 and an average CSAT score of 90, games that integrate Skillz see a significant boost in five-star reviews and 24% higher D30 retention.


Average ARPDAU increase publishers get from adding Skillz to their games


Average increase in D30 retention for games that integrate Skillz


Minutes each user spends playing Skillz games on average each day


Players on the Skillz platform, looking for new games to compete in


Minutes of Skillz tournament footage live-streamed in 2017


What it costs to use Skillz in your games



65 MIN




“With the Skillz platform, we were easily able to add a competitive spin to Solitaire Cube that, in turn, increased our monetization and provided an ad-free experience for our users.”

Tim and Ether O’Neil of Tether Studios







“We’re still amazed that something this easy to integrate can produce such incredible results. It’s safe to say that we’ll be adding the Skillz platform to our other games. Honestly, it’s hard to imagine how this solution did not exist before.”

Carl Crossley, Co-Founder of Touch Mechanics