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Week in Review: Supercell becomes the first mobile games publisher to operate two multi-billion dollar mobile games with “Clash of Clans” and “Clash Royale”, The “Overwatch” League Playoffs will be aired on ESPN, Disney, and ABC TV networks, and some of your favorite shows, like The Walking Dead, are being developed into mobile games

Image Credit: Variety

Digital/Mobile News

  • Sony-owned Aniplex made $1.8 billion in revenue last year, with much of the success driven by the hit mobile title “Fate Grand Order.” A free-to-play game wildly popular in Japan, “Fate Grand Order” was the third highest-earning mobile app of 2017. (
  • The newest multiplayer update for the mobile game “Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery” brings a new player-versus-player dueling system to the table. Players will be able to bet special ‘dueling tickets’ against one another, where the winner gets to take the losers’ ticket. Tickets can be redeemed for special rewards. (Polygon)

Gaming News

  • F1 eSports recently introduced its roster of professional eSports racers. These athletes will compete in the upcoming Pro Series Championship, featuring sponsors such as Red Bull and Mercedes-Benz. (Formula 1)
  • “Fortnite” season 5 is kicking off with temporal space rifts, rocket launches, entirely new places to explore, as well as golf carts. The new season battle pass also comes with a slew of impressive skins, as well as challenges and quests for players to accomplish for various prizes. (The Verge)

Business News

  • EA is looking ahead to the booming mobile games market with its acquisition of Industrial Toys, an independent mobile games studio. EA recently also launched “The Sims Mobile” worldwide. With over 80 million active players across PC and mobile, “The Sims” is one of EA’s biggest titles. (Nasdaq)
  • Warner Bros. has acquired Plexchat, a mobile gaming communications platform. Plexchat has been popular with various gaming communities, used in games such as “Clash Royale.” (
  • AppLovin, a mobile developer discovery platform, has launched a publishing division titled Lion Studios. The studio has already released a slew of games, and is celebrating its official launch with a game development contest sporting a prize pool of $300,000. (