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Skillz Provides Industry Input at Mobile Growth Summit

Mobile Growth Summit is an annual convention where industry-leading developers discuss growth marketing, engagement, monetization, data science and analytics for the mobile market. The event involved a variety of impressive panels, highlighting representatives from companies including Facebook, Google, Uber, Yahoo – and Skillz!

The summit has historically proven to be an important networking hub for some of the leading figures in the mobile industry. This year, session topics included everything from the emergence of cryptocurrency in society, to how to address and treat vision disorders with VR games.

Skillzian Dave Rohrl, our in-house mobile game consultant, participated in a star-studded panel during last week’s event to discuss the evolution of monetization in mobile gaming and its future growth potential. Since the Skillz platform has a track record of improving player engagement and retention, Dave was able to provide unique, innovative insights regarding mobile game monetization.

Skillz Provides Industry Input at Mobile Growth Summit

Dave Rohrl representing Skillz at Mobile Growth Summit
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