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Employee Spotlight: Nicole Boac, Web Designer

Meet Nicole, our Web Designer! She helps maintain our website with her impressive knowledge of HTML, CSS, and PHP. Nicole’s favorite part of her job is the pride that comes in representing the company through her work on the website.

“Working at Skillz is exciting because we get to explore new territory and build technology that nobody has ever made before,” says Nicole. “I like that we’re creating something new, not just trying to improve what’s already out there.”



Growing up in Teaneck, New Jersey, with some time also spent in the Philippines, young Nicole’s love for school supplies made her dream of becoming a cashier at a major retail store. “For some reason, I thought it would be really cool,” she laughs. “I used to take desktop computers, unplug the keyboard, and just play with it.”

Her love of keyboards never ended, and she went on to study computer science at Saint Louis University in the Philippines. Plus, she jokes that she still continues to fulfill her childhood dreams by using self-checkout whenever possible.

A true design lover, Nicole likes spending her free time engaging in activities that push her creatively and help her become a better visual designer. Her current passion project is making an icon a day for 100 days straight.

When reflecting on her career, Nicole comments, “I feel a great sense of accomplishment when seeing the final product on our website, and take pride in knowing that I helped make it happen! It’s something tangible I can look at and know that I directly impacted.”



Nicole has been putting her design talents to work at Skillz since June of 2017. She says the best part of working at Skillz is the people because they are investing in helping you grow, learn, and get the job done.

“I like how everyone supports you. Every person I’ve met at Skillz is very open to helping me develop and succeed,” she says.

Nicole is always up to date on the latest Skillz games, but her current favorite is Bubble Genius VS because she thinks the graphics are “mesmerizing!”

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