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EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT: Zack Garbowitz, Lead Server Engineer

 Skillz Employee Spotlight: Zack Garbowitz, Lead Server Engineer

Imagine the year 2013 – the world is relieved that it didn’t end in 2012, everyone is doing the Harlem Shake, Skillz has recently been founded, we have only 12 employees. Zack was there; he has been with the Skillz team since our humble beginnings!

Growing up in Chatham, NJ, Zack originally wanted to be an artist. Instead, he followed his natural talent with 1s and 0s and attended Worcester Polytechnic Institute studying computer science and game development. His love for video games developed as a child, when his yo-yo dreams were crushed because he was only able to walk the dog and couldn’t perform any other tricks, so he lived vicariously through the adventurous Super Smash Bros. character Ness.

Zack lived in Boston, where he eventually crossed paths with Skillz. He worked in our Boston office for quite some time before moving to San Francisco just a year ago. Zack loves California and how easy it is to drive to the snow in Tahoe or the beautiful beaches a couple of hours south. There’s always something to do, and you can really experience any climate through a short adventure.

When he joined Skillz, he dropped his real bowling ball and picked up a virtual one. As a teen, Zack loved to bowl, so his nostalgic tendencies and love for the game inspired an affinity for Strike! Bowling**, one of our original games on the Skillz platform.

Skillz Employee Spotlight: Zack Garbowitz, Lead Server Engineer

Given this bowling expertise, you can trust him when he says, “The game’s mechanics are very realistic. The way the ball moves and the way the pins fall over is exactly the way I would expect them to occur in real life.”

Here at Skillz, he works as a Lead Server Engineer leading the scale team in the server department to help our platform grow in order to support our rapidly expanding user base.

When asked about working at Skillz, he said: “When I first started, we had next to nothing; now we run over 500,000 tournaments a day and have over 100 employees. I feel privileged to have been able to witness the growth and evolution of such a groundbreaking company. ”

If he’s not working, watching Rick and Morty, playing games, or eating dumplings, Zack likes to spend his time outdoors adventuring. His ideal day is spent at the park hanging out with his roommate TJ (another Skillzian), and his roommate’s dog, Laika. It’s not uncommon for Skillzians to become good friends – it happens naturally given our tight-knit team culture.


“Everyone at Skillz is incredibly dedicated and just really good at what they do. They’re always willing to help and support you in whatever you’re doing,” Zack said, “You will always get the credit for the work you do. It’s a fair company and a rewarding career.”

If you want to join Zack and his roommate on the Skillz team, check out our job openings!

**To find the Android download link or search our other games, click here.