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Skillz Director of Developer Partnerships, David Mok, Speaks at Caltech about eSports Opportunities

Vibrant growth in the popularity of gaming and eSports as a spectatorship phenomenon has left people thoroughly curious about the buzz. Last week, the Caltech Entrepreneurs Forum invited several prominent figures, including Skillz Director of Developer Partnerships David Mok, to speak about the industry and firsthand experiences driving its success.

Skillz Director Speaks about eSports Opportunities
From left to right:
Chris Heatherly (Executive VP, 
NBC Universal)
Michael Brand (Director, Gameworks)
Steve Viner (CEO, Liquid Animation and Spunge Games)
David Mok (Director of Developer Partnerships, Skillz) 

“It was a great event,” recalls David. “We put forth a clean, polished presentation, and the audience was genuinely engaged by it. They asked all sorts of interesting questions – some typical curiosities about our scale of operations and our leadership positions, as well as some curveballs, like inquiries about cryptocurrency, fantasy sports, and how those might fit into our business model.”

The panel brought together a diverse group of speakers from several different areas of the gaming industry. Michael Brand from Gameworks spoke about their experience in offline entertainment and arcades, while NBC Universal’s Chris Heatherly mentioned how they’re looking to bring more of their existing creative material to the gaming and eSports industry – including iconic IP such as Jurassic Park and Minions. David presented the world of eSports from the Skillz perspective, explaining why mobile will drive the future of competitive gaming.

“Mobile is the next big opportunity in eSports,” David explained. “Most importantly, it’s a platform nearly everyone already has access to, with a great market presence. Furthermore, mobile truly provides everyone with the opportunity to become involved – as a developer, casual player, hardcore competitor, or even as an employee within the industry.”

David also assured any aspiring gamemakers that there has never been a better time to become an indie game developer. “The amount of support, resources, and infrastructure out there for new developers is substantial,” he assured them. “Skillz is also a big part of that support infrastructure – empowering smaller, independent developers to experiment with various software and tools that otherwise would be largely unavailable to them. We provide the resources which enable the very ecosystem to flourish.”

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