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Skillzian Pet Spotlight- Meet Buddy!

Heeeeeere’s Buddy! Buddy is a Blue Heeler adopted by one of our Skillzians, QA Lead Robert Plunk. Buddy was taken home at 6 weeks old, and just turned 1 year last month! Originally his name was Blue, but when calling for Blue, “Buddy” kept slipping out instead – the name chose itself. He spends his days laying in the sun and trying to bother his older sister, a six-year-old golden retriever/chocolate lab mix named Camyie. If Buddy was a Skillzian, he’d probably work in sales because with a face as adorable as his, he can convince you to do anything.

Pet Spotlight

Sun-dappled Buddy


When his owners are gone, Buddy likes to creep onto the forbidden human-only couch. He thinks he’s very sneaky about it, but he leaves behind hairs that reveal his wrongdoings. He’s one of the smartest puppies, but frequently plays dumb and pretends he doesn’t know the rules.

Baby Buddy


He is usually fairly standoffish and acts like he doesn’t need belly rubs, but when someone enters the room, he can’t help but jump into their lap. This little bundle of energy expects every human he meets to swoon over his adorable face, and will pull out his big ears to get what he wants. Buddy also appreciates a good game of tug of war – his favorite toy is a large ball of rope that he can tug, scratch and bite all day long.


Buddy says: “If I stare at you long enough, will you let me on the couch?!”


A classic puppy, Buddy wants to do what he wants on his own timeline. He tries to convince the humans that he’s in charge, and who could say no to that face? A perfect day for Buddy would start with a nice early breakfast until his belly is completely full. He would then run over to the pup park and romp around with his friends for awhile. Once he’s all tired out, he would hang out with one of his humans on the couch and act like King of the House. Whatever the day brings (as long as he’s in charge and there’s a nice human scratching his belly) Buddy is wearing a smile.


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