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Employee Spotlight: Hope, Director of Program Management

Hope Pettway, our Director of Program Management, describes her role at Skillz as helping teams create increase efficiency and scalability while ensuring delivery and adherence to timelines. Originally from Teaneck, New Jersey, Hope dreamed of being a veterinarian or director growing up. She followed her interest in filmmaking to USC, where she majored in film.

While she still considers herself a major film buff, consuming all types of movies and entertainment during her free time, Hope entered the gaming industry professionally after college. She is passionate about gaming and keeping up with the newest releases, her current favorite being “God of War.” If Hope could be one character from a video game, she would be Toad from Super Mario, “because he’s tiny and gets stuff done.”

Hope has lived in the East Bay since she moved up to Northern California, and loves it there. She currently resides in Oakland with her fiance, plus their dog and two cats. On a Saturday you can usually catch her walking her dog and exploring her neighborhood, and she also spends her free time teaching herself coding and ASL.

Our company offsite last year in Santa Cruz is Hope’s favorite memory with Skillz. It gave her a better overview of the company and was a fun opportunity to spend time with coworkers outside of the office. On her favorite parts about the company culture at Skillz in general, Hope reflects:

“I love being able to reach out to any team member, regardless of discipline. We’re all in this together and we all want to help when we can. People just sit together in the lunch room regardless of where their team is. Most other places I’ve worked people just spend time with their department, but here all of Skillz is your team”.

If you’re interested in learning more about Hope and other women in tech who work at Skillz, register here to attend the free Data Driven Women Meetup we’re hosting on Wednesday night at our San Francisco headquarters!