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Employee Spotlight: Elizabeth, Level II iOS Engineer

Elizabeth was born in Norfolk, Virginia but spent many of her adolescent years in upstate New York (hence her huge fandom for the Buffalo Bills). As a young child, she didn’t have a clear idea of what she wanted to be – but her parents reassured her that the possibilities were limitless. “My parents always told me it was possible that what I wanted to be wasn’t even created yet, and they were right,” she remembers. She eventually decided to study computer science and game design at Northeastern University, where she came across Skillz in our early days.  

Employee Spotlight


She originally joined us in 2015 as a co-op. Reflecting on her experience, she says, “During my other co-op jobs in college, I always got stuck doing things no one else wanted to do. At Skillz, I was in the thick of things. Once I understood our coding languages, I was working on things that were going directly in the product – and that’s really cool.”

After graduating, Elizabeth relocated to San Francisco and accepted a full-time offer as one of our iOS Engineers. Since then, she has excelled and been promoted to her current title of iOS Engineer, Level II. Her job functions include mentoring new teammates, helping plan upcoming iOS releases, providing coding support for the rest of the team, and even stepping in sometimes to lead various groups when needed.

Her favorite part of her job is the variety of projects she gets to tackle, working with both designs and code. As an avid gamer, her favorite part of working at Skillz is the presence of games and characters throughout our office, from our floor-to-ceiling mural depicting the history of video games and the old-school arcade machines to our video game-themed conference rooms and dozens of board games. As one of the biggest gamers in the office (an impressive feat) you can usually find her with fellow Skillzians including Jake and David playing Nintendo Switch games at lunch.

When she isn’t hanging out at our San Francisco headquarters, Elizabeth admits that much of her spare time revolves around playing games – her current favorite being “Assassin’s Creed.” She isn’t just talented in coding and gaming, though. She loves to read, even trying her hand as an author by chipping away at writing her own novel. Another hidden talent is her musical prowess – she’s been playing the violin since the fourth grade and particularly enjoys Antonio Vivaldi’s “Spring.”



When pondering what she likes most about our company culture, she says, “I love that everyone who works here is passionate about gaming in some way. It’s super fun to hang out together and play a board game or video game at the end of the day.”

Along with Don and Christopher, Elizabeth is one of the most skilled Skillzians when it comes to Skillz games (try saying that ten times fast!). She’s a ringer in our weekly staff tournaments, and frequently holds our rotating trophy on her desk for winning the most games in a week. Her skillz are so impressive that many Skillzians have agreed – if you ever find yourself in a position where you have to play Diamond Strike to save your life, call Elizabeth, because she can strike with the best of them.

If you want to try your hand at beating this skilled gamer in our staff tournaments, check out our open positions and apply!