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Employee Spotlight: Christopher, Senior Marketing Analyst

Christopher is certainly a strong presence in our San Francisco headquarters – his unmistakable laugh frequently echoes throughout the office and his competitive drive pushes us all to try to beat his high scores. Every week we have a fun office-wide tournament, and it’s no surprise that he frequently wins by a landslide. Although he has dominated almost every game on our platform at one time or another, his current favorite is Cube Cube because he thinks it’s a good mix of puzzle and strategy game mechanics with an exciting speed-of-play component.

Hailing from Mt. Lakes, New Jersey, Christopher is the middle born of three children in a family that is fond of traveling. Not knowing what he wanted to do in the professional sphere upon entering college, he aired on the side of practicality and studied both history and computer science at the University of Chicago. He moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2015, joined us at Skillz as a Marketing Analyst in October of 2016, and was recently promoted to the role of Senior Marketing Analyst.

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Christopher’s primary role within Skillz is user acquisition. In his own words, the purpose of his job is to “fuel the growth engine of Skillz.” During his time here, however, he has positively impacted much more than just the marketing department. “I’ve carved out a jack of all trades role as well,” he explains. “I’m involved with game design, I help with culture club, and sometimes I stick my nose into live event planning and execution.”

When Christopher joined us, the company was much smaller. With an extroverted personality, he couldn’t help roaming around the office and talking to everyone. As a result, he has acquired in-depth knowledge of the company as a whole. “I enjoy the challenges that come with my work,” he explains. “I like having the ability to pull together different parts of the organization that I understand to solve problems.”

When asked why he chose to join Skillz, Christopher recalls, “It was clear that my competitive nature and love for games made eSports the perfect opportunity for me.” Working at Skillz has not disappointed him. His favorite part about working here is the challenge it presents. “I’m surrounded by such intelligent people. The opportunity to challenge and be challenged by them is something that I appreciate and truly value. A mediocre standard will never cut it.”

Certainly, competition is something that comes with being part of a company that has pioneered the future of mobile competition. However, in Christopher’s opinion, another big aspect of our culture is having fun. “We’re always having a great time – not just while working on cool projects, but after work as well. We all like to hang out, play games, and just have fun together.”

Competition is a key component of Christopher’s life. When he’s not at Skillz, he spends his free time playing and watching sports. He is the captain of a local quidditch team, and holds the title as one of the few nationally certified quidditch referees in the Bay Area. One of his dreams in life is to visit every existing Olympic stadium, and he’s also a die-hard Yankees fan.

During our Thursday game nights, you can usually find Christopher sitting at a kitchen table immersed in a strategic board game. Real-time strategy is definitely something he enjoys and looks for in the games he chooses to play. When it comes to video games he admits that he isn’t very fast at the Nintendo Switch controls, so he usually looks for ways to dominate a competitor through strategy rather than speed.

If you want to challenge Christopher to a game, join our ranks! We’re actively hiring across all departments, so check out our open positions and apply now in just a few clicks.