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Employee Spotlight: Bianca, Strategy and Operations Analyst


Meet Bianca, our Strategy and Operations Analyst! At a high level, she describes her job as “plugging holes.” Her job centers around creating effective processes across the company, but whenever there is a project that needs to be finished, Bianca is accustomed to taking charge and project managing against deadlines.

She has had a very interesting first 12 years of life. She was born in the United States, but grew up in Indonesia, Australia, and Singapore, only to come back to Southern California and spend most of her adult life there. As a child, she wanted to be a writer, but she turned to psychology because she was drawn to understanding how people think and seeing situations from various perspectives. She went on to graduate from University of California, Los Angeles with a B.A. degree in psychology and business-economics.


Bianca joined Skillz in May of 2017 as a part of our marketing team, and later moved to her current role. When asked about her favorite part of her job, she says she loves the opportunity to learn new things. “When creating processes throughout the company, I get to learn about different parts of Skillz and how it all works. It’s exciting to be able to learn and pick things up from everyone.”

In her free time, she likes to escape to the world of fiction. She frequently reads fantasy novels, and her perfect Saturday would be spent sleeping in then reading while sunbathing. Taboo is her board game of choice, but her favorite Skillz games are Bubble Shooter Tournaments and Jumping Jack. Bianca also enjoys periodically going back to Indonesia to visit her loved ones. She has always dreamed of living on an isolated mountain with her family, but anticipates that her extreme fear of spiders may be an issue in living out that scenario.

Bianca loves playing card games with her four siblings, and has honed her ability to deal cards so fast that she says a professional card dealer could be her backup career. In fact, she even likes to collect the cards given to her on many of the international flights she has taken.


When working at a company that created the world’s first mobile eSports platform, it’s easy to guess that competition is important to our company culture. With our weekly game nights and employee tournaments, Bianca says she really enjoys being surrounded by such intelligent and competitive Skillzians. “I work with so many bright people who are always striving to improve and succeed. Everyone here is so ambitious and it pushes me to be my best!”

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