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Employee Spotlight: Alex, Talent Acquisition Specialist

As a Talent Acquisition Specialist, Alex is often the first impression potential employees get of Skillz! Whether she’s conducting a phone screen or welcoming a candidate to the office for an interview, she’s responsible for supporting our robust recruiting efforts. 

Born in Huntington Beach, California, Alex originally wanted to heal horses and work as a veterinarian. As she grew older, however, she realized it wasn’t quite right for her after all – instead, she attended the University of Oregon to study political science and business administration. Shortly after graduation, she moved to San Francisco and began her career as an Office Coordinator. While working in the office, she came to understand that her favorite part of her job was helping people, and she knew she wanted to work closely with people going forward.

After next working for a recruiting agency, Alex decided she wanted to work in-house and joined our team in September 2016! Reflecting on her transition, Alex remarks, “At an agency, once you get someone hired you don’t interact with them anymore. Working in-house, I really love getting to see each candidate we hire learn, grow and succeed in their role!”

Although she never thought of herself as a big “gamer” per se, Alex chose to work at Skillz because she wanted to learn more about the industry. She was also excited by our welcoming environment and commitment to maintaining good work/life balance. Alex describes her role as finding great people – she learns what candidates need, and is able to help them discern if there’s a good mutual fit with the company. Her favorite part of her job is when candidates accept offers, because she thinks it’s the most rewarding step of the recruitment process.

If she had to pick the best aspect of working at Skillz, hands down she’d say the culture. In her words, “I love that I’m excited to come into work every day. I have real friends here – people I spend time with outside of the office. There’s just so much positivity and camaraderie at Skillz!” Being part of the company for almost two years now, she has also enjoyed watching the business grow and blossom to its current level of success.

When she’s not working, you can find Alex grabbing brunch, hanging out in the city, or sweating in a exercise class (her current favorite is Barry’s Bootcamp). She used to play a lot of Candy Crush, but Skillz-enabled Bubble Shooter League is now her game of choice.

If you think you’d be a great addition to Skillz, check out our open positions and maybe Alex will invite you into our office to meet the team!